Root Canal

Root canal treatment is a procedure we perform to treat a damaged or infected pulp tissue in a tooth. Also known as endodontic treatment, this allows us to treat a painful or infected tooth without the need to remove it.

The pulp sits in the centre and down the root canals of a tooth and is made of specialised tooth cells, connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. Front teeth tend to have single roots while back teeth have multiple roots and several root canals. The main role of the pulp is to help the tooth grow when it is young. After the tooth has fully formed the pulp provides feeling to the tooth and allows for some repair in case of injury, however it can be considered to have completed its role and can therefore be removed without consequence. This does not mean a tooth is ‘dead’ only ‘pulpless’ as it still receives oxygen and nutrients from the outside of the root.

A tooth may become damaged or infected from decay, being knocked or broken, cracks from tooth grinding or chewing, gum disease and few other less likely causes. These events cause bacteria to enter the pulp which may be unable to contain the infection. This can result in a tooth ache or gum abscess and possibly the loss of the tooth.

By removing an infected pulp and sealing the canals through a root canal treatment removal of a tooth can be avoided.

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