Regular dental check-ups are the key to maintaining good oral health. This can help prevent many of the problems that lead to decay and tooth loss.

At each visit, your Dentist will carefully analyse not just your teeth but also your jaws, lips and the soft tissue to give the most appropriate advice and assist in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Healthy gums also need to be maintained to keep your teeth well-positioned and stable. Gum disease can remain unnoticed for a considerable amount of time. Occasional bleeding and soreness can worsen as gums recede and teeth become unstable. This problem is treatable and can be prevented by taking good care at home and regular visits to your hygienist.

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Pain Free

You will be surprised with how comfortable modern dentistry can be.

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Gum Disease

Find out how simple it can be to fight the leading cause of tooth loss.

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Root Canal

Relieve your toothache and avoid needing teeth removed.

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Mouth Guards

Please don’t be another statistic of sports dental injuries.

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Wisdom Teeth

Treat wisdom tooth pain and avoid future problems with early diagnosis.

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